Need Money Now? Why You Should Sell Your Permanent Life Insurance Policy

Posted on: 23 August 2018

Purchasing a permanent life insurance policy can be a very wise investment. A permanent life insurance policy typically comes with a constant premium that won't fluctuate no matter how long you have it. You'll be able to enjoy the security of a steady policy without having to worry about whether or not the premium is going to balloon out of control. If you hold one of these policies and have run into a serious financial jam, you just might be able to make the policy work for you. Find out why it might be a smart move to sell your life insurance policy.

No More Dishing Out Money For Premiums

If you lack money and fall behind on your premiums, there's a good chance that your policy is going to lapse. When this happens, it won't matter how many years you've spent paying for the policy. Your coverage will lapse and the money that you paid into the policy will be lost.

The moment you realize that you won't be able to continue paying the premiums is the time to act. Get in touch with a broker and ask them to find a buyer who is willing to take over the premiums while giving you a significant payout for the policy itself. The sum that you receive will depend on several factors, such as the following:

  • Your current life expectancy. If you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are nearing your last days, there's a greater chance that the buyer will pay more for your policy. They do this because the longer you are alive the more premiums they will have to pay. Upon your death, the buyer will receive the full payout for the policy.
  • How much the policy is worth. The higher your policy limit, the more you can expect to draw from buyers.

Get Money While You're Alive

You may be a person who purchased the permanent policy before you had a chance to acquire assets. If you have property, savings accounts, or other forms of financial gain, your family isn't so dependent on the money from the policy. It's better to go ahead and liquidate the policy while you're still alive and can distribute it any way you see fit.

The money you receive for your life insurance policy can be used in so many different ways. Contact a broker and let them start the process of locating a buyer for you ASAP.


The Significance Of A Life Insurance Policy

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