• Need Money Now? Why You Should Sell Your Permanent Life Insurance Policy

    Purchasing a permanent life insurance policy can be a very wise investment. A permanent life insurance policy typically comes with a constant premium that won't fluctuate no matter how long you have it. You'll be able to enjoy the security of a steady policy without having to worry about whether or not the premium is going to balloon out of control. If you hold one of these policies and have run into a serious financial jam, you just might be able to make the policy work for you.
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  • 3 Signs You Need Permanent Life Insurance

    Permanent, or whole-life, is one of the two major types of life insurance (the other is term life insurance, which only insures your life for a fixed amount of time). Technically, some permanent insurance policies only last until you turn 100, so if you're planning on having an extra-long life, be sure to choose one that lasts beyond 100.  However, many young professionals and families are left wondering if they really need whole-life insurance or if the more affordable term life insurance is their best bet.
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